10 Dental Questions You Should Ask Your Chapel Hill Dentist

10 Dental Questions You Should Ask Your Chapel Hill Dentist

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Dental Questions to Ask Dentist in Chapel Hill NC

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Nobody likes going to the dentist. In fact, the mere thought of those dangerous tools and that chair is enough to scare some people and ignore their oral health. When thinking about hygiene, health and personal care, oral health barely figures on our list.

We need to be aware that in terms of oral health, prevention is always better than cure. If it’s your first dental visit or a trip to the dentist with the intention of being more careful in the future, these are the 10 dental questions you can ask that will benefit you and boost your health.


  1. How often should I visit the dentist?
    Very few people actually visit the dentist when they are supposed to but only make the trip when they have to. Ask the dentist or the dental hygienist to explain the correct gap required between visits or sessions.
  1. What tips do you have for somebody on their first dental visit?
    It can be a child’s first dental visit or even an adult’s first dental visit (That happens). How does the dentist assure and explain tips, procedure, and aftercare to them?
  1. What dietary instructions would you recommend for me?
    Anything that you put in your body will slowly and steadily affect your mouth, gums, and teeth and tongue too. The dentist can recognize and recommend certain foods for you and also tell you what to avoid.
  1. Is this treatment absolutely necessary? Are there any alternatives?
    Just because a dentist is recommending a certain treatment or procedure for you, doesn’t mean you have to undergo the same. Ask about alternatives and don’t hesitate to discuss options with your dentist.
  1. How many times and duration would you recommend brushing teeth?
    Find out the time you should be brushing your teeth for and the number of times in a day you should be brushing.
  1. Is my oral health affecting my body?
    The mouth is the first place to show symptoms of any other disease or effects of your medication. Let your dentist know you want to be informed of any symptoms or warnings.
  1. Am I using the right toothpaste?
    The toothpaste is a generic item we give no thought to before purchasing. Confirm with your dentist if you are using the right one or need to change it for better dental health.
  1. Is mouthwash effective and necessary?
    Let your dentist tell you if a mouthwash is effective for you personally.
  1. Will my genetics affect my dental health?
    If your parents or family has had a history of poor dental health, you have cause to be worried. Discuss with your dentist and come up with a plan.
  1. How can one avoid common dental problems like cavities and gum disease?
    Instead of suffering from pain later, get a checklist from your dentist about things you can do at home to avoid cavities and gum disease.