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The last time I went looking for a dental office near me open on Saturday offering affordable braces in Chapel Hill I begin to wonder what exactly are braces and how long have they been an affordable orthodontics solution for crooked teeth.

So, as I went on in my quest to find braces near me, I also started looking at the history behind this wonderful invention.

As it turns out, they have been around for a very, very long time, as a matter of fact, archeologists and anthropologists have found indications of early forms of orthodontics since 1.000 B.C. Amazing, huh? Obviously, with time the designs and components have been changing and evolving over the years, but the basic functionality of braces have only changed just a little bit.

The basic functionality is to exert a specific force in our teeth, previously set and controlled on the direction the tooth needs to be.

Any dentist open today, usually recommends braces as an effective way to enhance a patient’s orofacial look. Even the most affordable braces near me, work perfectly to fix problems such as crooked teeth, overbites, crowded teeth, and underbites.

When those problems are left unattended, it may result in tooth decay, intense headaches, chewing problems, gum disease, earaches, biting and speaking problems.

Even with affordable orthodontics patients can be benefited by this treatment at any age, however, the best time to wear them according to your regular dentist open today, is between the ages of 10 and 14, taking advantage of the fact that the mouth and the head are still growing, allowing to give a much needed extra strengthening to the teeth. As a parent, I can tell you that the experience can be somewhat traumatic, so, before getting any adjustment done at my local dentist office near me open on Saturday, I had a talk to them, and then a talk between them and the dentist, and I strongly recommend you to do the same.

The best thing about braces is that they aren’t just for children, surely, by now you must have seen plenty of adults wearing them, it is never too late to have a beautiful smile.

The Braces come in three types:

  • Brackets (Metal, Plastic, and Ceramic)
  • Lingual Braces
  • Aligners

Brackets are bonded to the teeth. Lingual Braces are attached to the back of the teeth. Both of them use wires to move the teeth the position they are supposed to be.

Aligners is a new technology that comes as a more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. They are a series of removable appliances that are clear and customizable. Dentists called them “Invisible Braces“, and one of the best-selling points they have is that they can be removed, avoiding food getting trapped, and facilitating the cleaning process, however, aligners, as good as they are and as awesome as they look they aren’t what you might consider affordable braces.

The duration of the treatment of the treatment will depend on many factors like:

  • Spacing or Bite problem
  • Age

It is more common for patients who wear braces to do so between one and two years, after that, you’ll continue using a retainer to prevent losing what it has been accomplished.

It takes some time getting used to Braces, especially because after each dental appointment the braces are tightened, applying extra pressure on the brackets, as the teeth and the jaw are gradually brought the desired position. So, after each visit to the dentist, your teeth and jaw will sore. Another key point is that, in some cases, teeth will have to be removed in order to make sufficient room for the improvement of the rest.

Another thing me and my children had to do was to change most of our food habits that is the price to pay with affordable orthodontics, and more especially with affordable braces, we had to cut down on chips, soda, and sweets, as they generate some “Acids” that prompts tooth decay.

While you are wearing braces, oral hygiene becomes even more important than it was before, affordable braces will come with tiny cracks in which food and plaque get trapped, so you’ll need to brush very carefully and very thoroughly.

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