Braces and Oral Hygiene

Braces and Oral Hygiene 

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Braces are one of the most common orthodontic procedure done in the World, they are used to help correct overcrowded or crooked teeth and jaw discrepancies. The benefits of braces are plentiful, including improving the smile, better dental function, and straight teeth. Right after getting your braces out on, your dentist or orthodontist will give you a set of instruction about how to care for them. At first, the instructions may seem to be a bit overwhelming, but taking care of the braces is not as complicated as you might think it will be, don’t worry if you don’t get all at once, your dentist will most likely provide you with written instructions, and there is also the internet where you will find more tips on how to keep your braces clean.

There two distinct fronts in the battle for keeping your braces clean, proper oral hygiene and healthy dieting.

Once you have made the decision of getting braces for you or your children you have to be prepared to face the fact that taking care of your teeth will be more difficult once they have been put in place. Braces have too many tiny places where food gets trapped and if they aren’t properly clean, it can turn into plaque and other dental problems, that’s why is so important that you clean your braces and brush your teeth after every single meal, even snacks, rinsed with mouthwash and floss on a daily basis.

It may look a rather dauntless task to do, but if you neglect your oral hygiene you are exposing yourself to some serious oral health problems, staining your teeth, or expanding the time in braces. It is important that you or your child are ready to embrace the level of responsibility required to take care of your braces.

Braces do so much more than simply improving your smile, they play a key role in correcting overcrowded teeth which is important because having an abnormal bite or “malocclusion” could lead to other more serious problems.

Taking proper care of the braces also help to prevent any damage to them as well as the teeth underneath, accomplishing this will guarantee you will have a comfortable experience while having them. Understanding the basic guidelines of orthodontic care helps you better understand the instructions your dentist gives you. Follow those directions and you will keep both your teeth and gums healthy.


When you have braces, brushing thoroughly becomes very important, when you are brushing your teeth move the brush in a circular motion, take your time with each tooth and the space between the braces. You need to brush your teeth at least four times a day, don’t be surprised if you find yourself replacing your toothbrush more often, as the bristles will wear down more quickly due to the braces.

Flossing is vital when you have braces. By flossing on a regular basis you will get rid of the plaque and food particles your toothbrush cannot remove. Ask your dentist in Chapel Hill NC about the type of floss you can use. Your gums may bleed after the first couple of flossing sessions, this is perfectly normal, however, if the bleeding persists you need to call your dentist immediately.

Mouthwash is another important tool that will help you maintain your oral hygiene while having braces make sure you use one with fluoride as it helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. But before you start using any mouthwash ask your dentist for advice, he will tell you the best brands that will tailor your particular needs.

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Another key element of maintaining proper oral hygiene while wearing braces is healthy dieting, there are some particular foods you will need to stay away from, especially sticky or hard foods they can break the wires and loosen the brackets.

To prevent any damage to the wiring on your front teeth you can cut fruits like apples into bite-size pieces instead of taking a huge bite directly like you would do if you didn’t have braces on. Sugary foods are also to be avoided as they lead to tooth decay, but if you do eat them, make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly.

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