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Cosmetic Dentist Chapel Hill

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Cosmetic Dentist in Chapel Hill

Cosmetic Dentist Chapel Hill

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done by Dr. Durusky at Family Dentistry in Chapel Hill. Everything from subtle changes to more major and intricate repairs, any family dentists can perform any number of procedures to improve our smiles.

There are many techniques that can be implemented to treat:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Other Miss happens
  • Missing teeth

Any dentist nearby is able to reshape your teeth, alter their length, close spaces, and restore worn teeth. Other common procedures done by family dentists are contouring, reshaping, bleaching, veneers, bonding, and crowns.

However, these so-called improvements aren’t always just for cosmetic purposes, as most of them are meant to correct oral problems like your bite.

Let’s start with the simplest procedure, that any dentist Chapel Hill:

Bleaching: This one could very well be the number one procedure people request on their visit to a dentist nearby. It is performed to get rid of stains on our teeth and other times just to make the patient smile, even more, whiter and brighter.

You can either do it at home or at a cosmetic dentist consultation Chapel Hill.

Next is Bonding: Which is a tooth-colored component meant to fill in the gaps between our teeth, you can just visit your local dentist Chapel Hill NC once to get them in place, and it’ll last for many years. However, due to the materials used to make the bonding, it is rendered more susceptible to stain or chipped.

Crowns or caps: They are meant to be placed on the tooth so it would be restored to its original form and length, however, even your regular Saturday dentists will recommend this procedure only when all others are proven not to be effective because crowns are very costly. Which when you compared it to the fact they have an extremely long life expectancy, larger than any other cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Veneers: These ceramic or plastic pieces are placed on your teeth either to change its color or to restore its shape. This proceeding can be done by any dentist Chapel Hill NC in order to treat teeth with uneven spacing, crooked teeth, discoloring, weird shapes, or chipped teeth. Actually, they tend to solve almost the same problems that the Bondings.

Veneers are a cheaper alternative to crowns, and any Saturday dentists would tell you that before placing the custom-made veneer they’ll be getting started by taking an impression of your tooth.

Countering or Reshaping: This is a proceeding is meant to correct overlapping teeth, crooked teeth, chipped or oddly shaped. Is the preferred choice for dentists to alter the length of teeth and reshape or reposition teeth. Teeth countering is another great way to fix issues with bite. Countering and Bonding is normally used in a combined procedure.

I learned that Dentists would normally recommend this proceeding to patients with healthy and normal teeth but are in need of subtle and minimal changes to their smile.

When I choose to get this done, I ask the dentist some pertinent questions you may want to consider as well.

  • How would the changes look?
  • What did the whole process entail?
  • What kind and how often will maintenance be required?