How to Deal with Teeth Grinding – Everything About Mouth Guards

How to Deal with Teeth Grinding – Everything about Mouth Guards 

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Teeth Grinding Sleep Aid in Chapel Hill

Known to many as Bruxism, teeth grinding / clenching is one of the common health conditions that affect both children and adults all over the world. Teeth grinding has no age limit, and at the extreme level, this condition causes teeth cracking or even breakages through exerted pressure, which wears away your teeth over time. Some of the common symptoms of the condition include; sore jaws and teeth, night grinding, swollen parts on either side of the jaw and facial pain.

As much as there are several treatments in place for this condition, one of the most used one’s mouth guard. Below is a closer look at how to treat teeth grinding with a customized mouth guard.

They protect your jaws

Depending on the severity of your bruxism condition, your doctor might suggest between a soft rubber for teeth clenching, a laminate guard for moderate grinders or a tough acrylic guard for heavy grinders. Either way, the sole aim is to protect your teeth from further harm by offering the much-needed shield between your teeth. Through this, your teeth enamel get saved from further erosion caused by the teeth grinding force. The mouth guard is easily replaceable over time depending on the rate of grounding.


It acts as a jaw alignment cushion

There are more benefits associated with mouthguards in addition to the normal protection feature.When you wear a mouth guard, not only

do your teeth get cushioned from the intensity associated with teeth grinding but your jaws also get the relaxing effect that helps curb the situation over time. It is like a form of therapy that is set to accustom your teeth into proper alignment, more so with the customized night mouth guards.

Daytime mouth guards

As much as most of the teeth grinding activities take place in the wee hours of the night, in some rare cases, some people experience it during the daytime. For this, your dentist might recommend a thin colorless mouth guard for your daytime use. This helps to keep you comfortable and away from unintended attraction while going on with your daily tasks. Daytime mouth guards are customized to ensure that wearers do not experience any interruptions in their patterns of communication speeches.

The three types of mouth guards.

Though customized mouth guards are a better choice for your teeth grinding problem, they come at a higher price. So if you are operating on a tight budget, then you could consider

Ready to wear mouth guards: this is already made and can be used immediately after purchase. However, since they are pre-made, chances are they might not properly fit your teeth which means reduced effectiveness.

Hot water mouth guards: With these, you get to soften them using hot water before slipping them unto your teeth. They are more effective than the ready-made ones but still have fitting limitations.

Custom-made mouthguards: This is the best options for any teeth grinder out there. The fact that they are made just for your teeth make them more effective and comfortable.

The use of mouthguard does not guarantee a complete cure. But still, it is good to protect yourself and your teeth from the dire effects of teeth grinding/clenching.

If you suspect you’ve been grinding your teeth at night please contact us, we are the dentist in Chapel Hill you can trust.