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Cosmetic Dental Implants in Chapel Hill

dental implants chapel hill nc

Looking for a cosmetic dentist Chapel Hill NC? Here, at Cornerstone Family Dentist you’ll find Dr. Durusky, a highly qualify but also gentle dentist that will help you with all your oral problems.

Dental Implants are this little big thing to help your dental wellness as they provide a permanent fixed for replaced teeth. Dental implants have become the next best thing when compared to crowns, bridges, and dentures, as they offer a more permanent, long-term to the most chronic dental issues, failing teeth, and missing teeth.

The reason for this sudden success is mostly due to the fact they look and feel just like natural teeth because doctors use a form of medical titanium fixture that actually fuses to the bone cells in our mouth, forming a lasting bond for your implants, you won’t have any slippage or any other uncomfortable movement in there, like those coming from dentures.

Eating with dental implants is no problem at all, there won’t be any repairs needed, as long as you treat them as good as you do your actual teeth.

There are three steps involved in the process:

  • The Implant
  • The Abutment
  • The Crown

The implant is like a screw that works as the “root” for your new teeth, where it will remain permanently attached.

The abutment is a permanent yet removable (by a specialist only) connector that is the support for your new teeth.

And finally, the crown is also known as the prosthetic tooth, that’s the one that is visible, made of zirconium and sometimes porcelain.

Dental Implants, and especially those made by chapel hill family & cosmetic dentistry, are a wonderful innovation is the World of dentistry, you can replace a single tooth or sets of teeth.

If you even need an entire arch made, the awesome specialists at Chapel Hill family and cosmetic dentistry are the place to go if you are asking yourself for a dentist near me, then look no further.

Another great advancement that has come to Cornerstone Dentistry is Laser Teeth Whitening in Chapel Hill, and if you are looking where you can get it done, then look no further than chapel hill family & cosmetic dentistry.

Laser Teeth Whitening is a new technology and newest trend in dentistry that works wonders, as it offers whiter teeth in less time than regular methods, it is 100% safe and fastly done. It is however rather costly when compared to other methods, but you shouldn’t really be cheap when it comes to oral hygiene.

Laser teeth whitening chapel hill is a booming business, every doctor recommends it, you won’t have any trouble at all finding the right dentist.

The procedure is fairly simple, your dentist will apply a gel-like on your gums to protect them.

The barrier is a gel that is applied between your gums and a rubber layer, then the dentist applies a whitening compound using a syringe, then by using the laser (often looks like a pen) activates the mixture, which then will form some “foam” as it cleans your teeth, and finally after 10-15 minutes, the dentist will remove the compound using a vacuum tool, and that will be it, you’ll have awesome white teeth.

All this cosmetic dentist Chapel Hill NC is possible, no need to go out of town. You no longer need to ask for a dentist near me as you will find the best family dentist near me is Cornerstone Dentistry in Chapel Hill, we will have you covered with laser teeth whitening Chapel Hill and dental implants.