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There is one health care provider that we go to more times in a year than any other one, in our case is Dr. Durusky, he is our Local Dentist in Chapel Hill.

We do it for a very good reason, our family dentistry and our overall general dentistry is key, believe it or not, to prevent diseases. It is very surprising when we hear that approximately between 60% and 70% of every dental procedure are either for diagnostics or for prevention.

Our local dentist tends to make a strong emphasis on how important it is to maintain our oral hygiene and health up to date. It is very important that we keep our appointments to avoid further complications and the progression of potentially endangering oral diseases.

Keeping on top of our family dentistry if left unattended, these diseases will turn quickly into pain, loss of time in school or work, and don’t even get started on how much money will spend on treatments for the whole family.

Our local dentist is the main provider of good dental care for every member of our family. When I moved with my family to a new town, realizing how important is to the oral hygiene and health of my family dentistry, I began to search very quickly for every cheap dentist near me, I know, I shouldn’t cheap out on dentists, but we were on a tight budget at the time, so I conceded that time, with the promise of looking for a more proper dental practitioner to handle my family dentistry.

However, on that first visit, to that cheap dentist near me, it was pretty much the same as with any other, he performed a very thorough examination of the mouth, including, our gums, our teeth, and any other structure. Then came a very thorough cleaning, very professional, then gave us a chat about not only our dental and general health.

I had a bit of tooth decay presence, and it was necessary a little filling, which is a very common procedure you can find on any of the local dentist near me.  

But that is hardly the only procedure local dentist do for our general dentistry. Unlike specialists that are focused on one specific thing of the dentistry, General dentists lend a wider array of procedures that are highly important in keeping your dental health at its best.

Those services that you will find in any dental office open on weekends near me are:

  • Prevention Services: They are meant to maintain your overall dental health, by preventing any potential diseases get to your mouth and teeth beforehand, that why it was very important to find quickly a local cheap dentist near me, as soon as my family and I settled in our new home. They use X-ray images for diagnostic purposes, teeth cleanings, instructions to improve dental hygiene at home, and preventive procedures like sealants.
  • Restoration Services: Just as I needed a tooth filling to restore the damage done by tooth decay, this is one of the most common procedure for this kind of situation, but that isn’t the only procedure, they’ll also handle broken teeth, loosen, or knocked out. Your local dentist is more than capable of diagnosing the causes of tooth pain and even periodontal disease. The family dentistry also offers services like placing crowns and bridgework.
  • Cosmetic Services: Your local dentist, even the cheap dentist near me I found was in the capacity to perform cosmetic services, helping me and my family get the spark back to our smile with teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding with porcelain veneers.

Because General Dentistry focuses on those and plenty of other things, it became very important for me to find a dental office open on weekends near me so I’ll be sure, that in any given day of the week, my emergencies will be taken care of, especially my family dentistry. Make sure you always a local dentist at hand.