How to find an AWESOME Dentist!

How to Find an Awesome Dentist!

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Who's the Best Dentist in Chapel Hill?

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Many people have asked us, how to find an AWESOME Dentist? People find finding a good dentist as daunting as finding the right parking place. If you are like me and you have recently moved to a new city, or your last dentist retired and now you are need of finding a new one, then you have come to the right place, there are a few things I learned during my struggle to find a proper dentist that I will share with you, so the next time you find yourself in the same quest, you won’t suffer as much.

There are some basic rules to follow some of which are even recommended by the American Dental Association, they are searching for testimonials either online or in the “Real World”, checking their credentials (Yes, you are allowed to do that), and of course, you can always ask friends and family to recommend one for you.

It is relevant that you make a list of your most important questions and call the office to talk to the staff.

I mean, honestly, there is an ocean of dentists out there, no matter how small the city you moved in or live in is, and they all have different specialization, different hours, and of course different locations, you are often wondering whether or not is more convenient to get one near you even though you don’t feel comfortable with it, or that the one that is out of town is the best choice because is cheaper.

As you can see it can be an overwhelming situation, and to make matters worst then you ran into three words that will through you off balance, DDS and DMD, the first one stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery and the latter for Doctor of Dental Medicine, and what is the difference you may be wondering? Well, there is none, they are just a play on words or “semantics”, whether they are DDS or DMD they studied the same things and have the same degree as well. Those words are just there to tell you that Dentists have received the necessary training for the proper dental treatment as general dentists.

To begin with, you need to ask yourself what kind of dentist you want. If you ask friends and family to recommend one for you, you may want to ask them about their credentials so you’ll be certain what its field of expertise is. Getting testimonials from them can also help you in this regard.

Remember how I told you at the beginning you should make a list of your most important questions and call the office to talk to the staff?

Well, maybe I can help you a little bit with this, ask them about:

  • Their office hours and see if they are convenient for you.
  • Is the location easy to get to from either home or work?
  • The credentials of the dentist, where was its education from.
  • If their dentists are in favor of preventive dentistry.
  • If their dentists regularly attend major symposiums or conferences and further expanding their education.
  • What type of anesthesia their dentists are certified to use.
  • If they have availability to handle emergencies outside of the regular working hours, Saturday appointments and such.
  • If they provide any information regarding prices, payments, and fees over the Phone, or if they can provide that information through an email or something alike.      
  • If the Dentists are participants of your current dental plan.
  • And finally, what are their policies regarding missing appointments and rescheduling.

And once you have settled for one, or you are just personally visiting dentists in their offices, then, check how clean the office is, if everything is well organized, if the equipments looks clean and in proper condition.

Hopefully this tips could be as helpful to you as they were for me, and you’ll make an excellent choice of an awesome dentist for you and your family.

We are proud to offer all of the services mentioned above, want to take a dental office tour? Email us now, we’ll be happy to help you.