How to Get over Dental Fear?

How to Get Over Dental Fear

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Sedation Dental Anxiety and Fear


Many people are afraid of going to see a dentist. The latest research which also revealed that a larger percentage of individuals always experience some degree of fear while going to see a dentist. The fear has also prevented the individuals from having a checkup scheduled. There are two levels of dental fear one being a fear that comes along as a simple reluctance to visit a dentist, on the other hand, is a fear that results from dental phobia. In this case, anything that is in relation to dental care or dentistry will always bring stress or panic.

The causes of dental fear are so many it could be fear of needles, a negative dental experience during childhood, the fear of the dentist’s drill or even one could be afraid that his/her personal space will be invaded. What will obviously depend on this severity is the impact of the fear. In most cases, some sense of dread will be felt before and during the visit to the dentist. Just before the scheduled date, you will realize that the patient will have his or her mind occupied with several thoughts which may even lead to anxiety and panic.

So what is it that can really be done to overcome dental fear? Discussed below are some of the ways we can overcome this fear.

The use of anesthesia.

Over the past years, dental technology has really changed this is a very important aspect that one needs to understand. If the dental fear is based on some previous painful experience then you can rest assured that things at the moment are easy and less painful. In a case that you are afraid of injections then your dentist has an option of using a gel anesthesia just before an injection this makes you not to feel it. With this kind of anesthesia, you can be able to overcome the fear.

Always be honest about your fears.

Majority of the dentist will always want you to have the kind of care that you will need. This always begins once you get into their office. The moment you with a dentist just open up and let them know of your anxiety, this really helps and the dentist will know how to attend to your need. In this case, it is advised that you should look for a dentist who will always take time to listen to you without any kind of judgment.

Familiarize yourself with the tools.

A tray which is full of metal tools which are sharp and unfamiliar can make you run away. So for you to have this kind of fear released it is always good for the dentist to make the tools familiar to you. As the dentist tells you the names of the tools ask him or her if you can hold the tools this really helps for you will begin seeing them as not that scary.

Find a good dentist in your area.

Your family members and friend especially those who have had fears before can recommend you to the best dentist the one you really can trust. You can also read on reviews especially for the dentist who have an experience of handling individuals with anxiety. This will help you to find a dentist who will not only handle your dental problem but also your anxiety. The confidence of the best dentist will help you reducing the fear. A good way to find dentists is by looking at Google reviews for dentists in Chapel Hill, our reviews are outstanding! Contact us at for a gentle dental consultation.

Have your fears recognized.

For you to understand what you are feeling and to get the feeling addressed, you will need to be in terms of your dental fear. You should have your fears listed down this enables you to talk about them in a better way. When you list the fears you will not only be able to have them recognized but also your dentist will be in a position to explain what really causes your fear and he or she can also help you overcome the fear.

The moment you overcome the fear of a dentist or make some small progress like having some particular dental treatment done then take your time and reward yourself. Have fun and do something that you really love most go out and treat yourself. This will make you have a good relationship with dental visits and the fun activities.