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Local Dentist Chapel Hill Reviews

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Best Dentist in Chapel Hill Reviews

Thomas W.


Excellent Practice

I followed Dr. Durusky to his own practice because of hishonesty and knowledge. I am 60 years of age and have made it a point to see a dentist ever 6 months and have never had a root canal but have heard the horror stories. I finally had to have my first so I was expecting the worst but with him it was not bad at all, I highly recommend this practice.

Thomas R.



Very good experience.

Donna M.


Great Doctor

Great doctor is number one. The staff is remarkable. I always had hated the trip to the dentist. This practice has changed that. They truly care for their patients and do what is best for them. Thank you to Dr. Durusky, Tina and Shelby. I would recommend this Cornerstone practice to everyone.

Trey M.


I thoroughly enjoy having...

I thoroughly enjoy having Dr. Durusky, Tina, and their wonderful team at Cornerstone Dentistry serve as my primary dental care provider. The facility is very clean, and the team is well-qualified, personable, and careful in their approach. I have recommended their services to many of my friends and colleagues.

Claire K.


Friendly and professional staff!

Friendly and professional staff!

Mark S.


Wonderful place to receive top...

Wonderful place to receive top quality dental care. I’ve known Chris since undergraduate school at NC State University and he’s passionate about providing care that is patient focused. Great guy, great staff, give them a try!! I took my whole family.

Mark S.


I've been to Dr. Durusky multiple..

I’ve been to Dr. Durusky multiple times now and am very impressed with his staff and attention to detail. He takes the time to explain treatment and preventative plans that make the most sense for me as an individual. Putting me the patient first! Thanks so much for a great experience.

Jill K.


Excellent Dental Care

I’m so happy to have Dr. Durusky and his team providing my dental care. Dr. Durusky is great at explaining and educating about any issues, and I appreciate that I can count on him for a conservative approach. Dr. Durusky and Tina, along with every other staff member, are personable and welcoming. Each visit has been an overwhelmingly positive experience!

Laura F.


I cannot say enough good things

I cannot say enough good things about the practice and everyone in it! Perfect combination of high quality care and great personalities. I don’t even mind visiting them on my birthday – they are so wonderful, that seeing them is like a present. :)

Snoopie J.


Great Dentist. Really concerned..

Great Dentist. Really concerned about his patients dental health.

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