Losing a Tooth? We Can Help!

Losing a Tooth? We Can Help!

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Losing a tooth can be a terrible thing to happen to all of us in our lifetime, it doesn’t only affect our appearance and our self-esteem but it can also have a detrimental effect in our health, that’s why cosmetic dentistry in Chapel Hill can help.

Modern studies have shown that losing adult teeth do not only keeps us from smiling in public fearing judgment from our peers but, the number of serious health consequences is actually pretty big, so, if you happen to be missing a tooth for a while now, you may want to consider contacting your dentist soon, because what will happen in the future if you leave that untreated it’s not pretty. There are many options when it comes to replacing a lost tooth with for example a dental crown. 

One of the many jobs of the teeth is to support the mouth, the cheeks, and the jaw, but, when multiple teeth fell off, the face tends to sink in causing the jaws to drop before it has to, resulting in darker laugh lines as well as more wrinkles around our lips. Also, when several teeth are missing the existing one will tend to shift around and attempt to fill in the gaps resulting in an alteration of your facial appearance.

When there’s also a significant loss of teeth we tend to way much older than we are, while some of the health issues can be chronic headaches or migraines, and acute jaw pain.   

Here we will talk about the Health-related consequences of permanent teeth loss that will have you sprinting to your nearest dental office. There are:  

* Shifting teeth

* Deterioration of the Jawbone

* Changes in the Facial Appearances and an Aged Look

* Gums Recessions

Shifting Teeth

If you believe that your permanent teeth and locked in their permanent place, then you would be wrong. They are in constant shifting just as they would do while we were growing up. When a tooth is missing from its usual place, the neighboring teeth will merge together trying to fill in the gaps, this situation leads to speech impediments, eating disorders, and much more. In some cases, there are people who experience severe pain as the teeth, gums, and jawbone are all making the necessary adjustments. Getting an implant to fill in the empty space will be sufficient to help prevent this scenario keeping your smile fully structured and pain-free.   

Deterioration of the Jawbone

All the bones in the body get their strength from all the movements we make during our day to day activities. That’s the reason why we tend to lose bone mass when we lose feeling in any of our limbs because the bones in the affected limb are not getting the movement they used to.

The Jawbone gets its strength from the contact it has with the teeth. When there is no tooth to have contact with over a certain period of time then the bone will begin to wear away.

The best solution to prevent and avoid jaw deterioration when missing a few teeth are Dental Implants. Not only they fill the gaps left behind from fallen teeth, but they also mimic the stimulation that would normally come from the teeth roots. To achieve this, they placed a titanium post in the jawbone so it can hold the crown or bridge in the right place. The implant main purpose is to keep the “replacement” tooth locked in the empty space while preventing bone loss.

Changes in the Facial Appearances and an Aged Look

You will be surprised, but it’s a fact that a missing tooth can change the entire shape of your face, as extreme as that sounds it is a reality for many people, as a result of the aforementioned bone loss the face can collapse and the more teeth are missing the more it will. Replacement teeth are the best way to prevent and avoid this situation.

Gums Recessions

Another side effect of the jawbone deterioration due to multiple missing teeth is receding gums, this is also a consequence of the lack of stimulation previously provided by the teeth roots. The bone loss and deterioration also leads to the weakening of the remaining teeth and an impending collapse or dislodgement.

The good news is that just as there are multiple reasons for a tooth to fell off, there are just as many solutions that would prevent everything that we described above.

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