Professional Teeth Whitening – How to Get Whiter Teeth

Professional Teeth Whitening – How to Get Whiter Teeth

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You may brush and floss on a daily basis and yet you can still see how your sparkling smile fades away. Yes, proper oral hygiene can get you a long way preventing stains, but, aging, drinking coffee or tea, taking medications, and even some of your favorite foods are all plotting against your white smile and turning it into a discolored yellowish unattractive smile.

In light of that, you might be wondering just how to get brighter/whiter teeth in Chapel Hill NC. Well, there are a few things you may want to consider first, for example, professional teeth whitening in Chapel Hill NC or any other city, is always going to be more costly than its over-the-counter alternative. However, having the process done by a professional in what they called a “Chairside Bleaching” is the safer and most effective way on how to get brighter and whiter teeth.

Now, most forms of teeth whitening, including also those you can buy in a store, gels, and even the professional products applied in a dentist office in Chapel Hill NC, contain Carbamide peroxide as it is one of the primary bleaching agents.

The difference here is that professional teeth whitening done by an expert using professional products contain a higher concentration of bleaching agents compared to home products, however, they are applied under the watchful eye of a dentist.

For that reason, some patients experience mile tooth sensitivity right after the whitening, but that is normal.

Another big difference between home whitening and professional whitening is how fast you see results because professional products use concentrated bleaching agents you’ll see results right away. With OTC products you’ll see results in weeks, and no one wants that when you are having an important date or appointment and you want your teeth to look at their best.   

If you are considering applying yourself a professional teeth whitening, I will suggest that instead of grabbing the first over-the-counter product you’ll find, you go visit your dentist in Chapel Hill NC, and get a proper examination first, and make sure that your teeth and gums are in good condition to go through the whitening process. Also, if you happen to have some dental work done, filling in your molars for example, then you definitely have to consider getting the bleaching done by a professional instead of using home products. Contact us for an office tour, we’re excited to meet you!