Wisdom Teeth – Should you Have them Removed?

Wisdom Teeth – Should you Have Them Removed?

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Removing the wisdom teeth is a common practice among dentists. If you’re looking for a “dentist near me” Dr. Durusky offers tooth extractions in Chapel Hill. It is a well-known fact that wisdom teeth are not necessary and they are known to cause a lot of problems either when they are coming out or further down the line. There are cases where wisdom teeth need to be removed immediately before they can do any damage like impacted teeth or crowding. They are also removed as a precautionary measure and avoid problems developing in the future.

However, people often wondered if it is really necessary to remove them. As previously stated this procedure is usually recommended to all patients, but there are cases in which it is not necessary. Firstly we will be discussing the topmost reasons why people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed and after that the reasons why some choose not to.

  • Crowding or Shifting: Wisdom teeth are the primary cause of teeth crowding in your mouth and as they are coming out they force the surrounding teeth to shift. If you’ve had braces or you had some other orthodontic work done in the past, wisdom teeth can ruin all the work and undo the beautiful (and costly) results you have accomplished.


  • Hard to clean: Wisdom teeth are located so far back in your mouth that they are incredibly hard to keep clean even if you use tools like electric brushes or floss, leading to situations like growing bacteria, developing cavities, and gum disease.


  • Impacted Teeth: When wisdom teeth are blocked and don’t find a way to push upward, they begin to grow sideways inside the gum line. In some cases, only a small fraction of the tooth is visible and leaves the area exposed to bacteria, cavities, and other infections, this is called pericoronitis and it is one of the most common reasons behind wisdom teeth getting removed.


  • Fluid-filled sacs (cysts): Leaving your wisdom teeth can lead to other major complications such as cysts which can damage the teeth, bone, and nerves. Some people even suffer from jaw issues and sinus, while others experienced severe pain in the area.

Other complications can be:

  • Extensive Tooth Decay.
  • Tumors.
  • Infection of the tender tissue located behind the teeth.

Although there are some very compelling reasons to have your wisdom teeth extracted, there are cases in which it isn’t really necessary. There are some lucky people out there who get to keep their wisdom teeth their entire lives without ever having some kind of problem with them.

If your wisdom teeth are:

  • Correctly aligned with the rest of your teeth
  • Not impacted
  • Free of pain
  • Not responsible for crowding
  • Healthy and Clean

You may be one of the lucky few that get to live their lives with their wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, even if you meet the criteria described above and you choose to keep your wisdom teeth, you will be making a lifelong commitment and therefore it will be of the utmost importance that you keep then thoroughly clean (both brushing and flossing) and schedule regular appointments with your dentist in Chapel Hill NC.

In any event, most people preferred the old saying “better safe than sorry” when it comes about getting their wisdom teeth extracted. Even if you meet the aforementioned criteria now, a lot can change in the future and it is impossible to predict what will come to happen to them, many people choose to remove them as a preventive action. Another key factor you need to remember is that wisdom teeth are much easier to remove during childhood because as we get older the bones in our mouth get harder, thus making the teeth tougher to remove, resulting in longer recovery times.

Just as you would do any other dental procedure, it is important that you discuss your wisdom teeth extraction with your dentist. They will explain all the pros and cons and will discuss your particular situation so that together can decide the best course of action for now and for the future. Ultimately, now that you have all the facts, the final decision regarding the future of your wisdom teeth is yours.

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