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Dan M.


Go here for dental work

Very capable individual dentist with very capable oral hygienist. Good work with thorough explanation. I had actually delayed necessary dental work because it was so expensive elsewhere. Now I am caught up. 5 stars from me.

Abbie B.


The staff and Dr. Durusky were friendly.

The staff and Dr. Durusky were friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I especially appreciated that Dr. Durusky is conservative in his treatment planning and doesn’t make every little thing seem like an emergency that had to be done right away.



We're new to the area and got lucky to...

We’re new to the area and got lucky to find Dr. Durusky. He and his staff are professional and caring. Dr. Durusky saw me for an emergency even though I wasn’t a patient and we have now established with him.

Lauren R.


Fantastic Cleaning, through knowledge..

Fantastic Cleaning, through knowledge and excellent care!

Andrew V.


Highly recommend Dr Durusky. Spends..

Highly recommend Dr Durusky. Spends a lot of time explaining everything to you. I had a sore gum for 2 years since another dentist put a filling in. Turns out, the filling had an outpouching that was irritating the gum. I asked Dr Durusky if he could smooth it down, hoping it would help with my pain. He said yes. I was expecting to have to schedule another appointment and pay big $$$ for him to do this… But he did it right then, right there, and for free! Now I’m pain free!!! Very sad to be leaving this practice (moving away). Thank you Dr Durusky and Tina for your compassionate care!

Nida M.


Invisalign consultation plus first change

Dr. Durusky spent at-least an hour with me, showing how invisalign will work and how my teeth will move over the course of 9 months. This consultation took place before trays were ordered. At the time of my first change of trays, he sat down with me and spoke about my options, as I did not want to continue my treatment due to uncomfortable trays that were causing constant pain. I was given a very professional and honest advice, and all my concerns were addressed. I was offered a complimentary teeth polishing as staining was one of my concerns. This is an investment in time and effort, so make sure you are feel like the person you are working with is competent. Dr. Durusky and his team will do everything to make you feel comfortable. They are one of the best!

Kyle N.


Great dentist... very thorough, detailed..

Great dentist…. very thorough, detailed, and quick. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Maria L.


Great dental office.

Excellent service.. the hygienist was thorough yet gentle. I am glad I found this dentist.

Kathleen A.



I had a great visit and feel very confident that I made the right dental choice

Benjamin M.


Always a thorough yet concise...

Always a thorough yet concise discussion of how to practice better oral health behaviors. Also, incredibly flexible and very friendly.

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