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Composite & Restorative Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is often suggested for individuals who have chipped or cracked teeth, unwanted gaps or exposed roots. The bonding material is comprised of a resin that is malleable and natural looking, so it will look and feel like your natural teeth. Bonding is typically used for cosmetic purposes, but can restore or improve functionality in certain cases. One of the biggest benefits to dental bonding is that it can be performed in a single visit, as opposed to veneers, which requires more visits and are costlier.

Dental bonding can be a wonderful option for patients who are looking to quickly improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile in a cost affordable manner. If you would like to learn more about dental bonding please read below, or contact our staff who will be happy to answer any of your questions and/or set up a consultation.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about our treatment options, please contact our office at (919) 595-1010. We look forward to creating the smile you have always desired a reality for you.

Steps & Timeframe

The dental bonding process typically takes 30-60 minutes per tooth. The procedure will begin with your dentist selecting a shade of bonding that matches your natural tooth color. Once selected, an etching solution will be applied to your tooth so the bonding material can properly adhere. At this point, the tooth will be ready for the bonding material to be applied to your tooth. As it is applied, your dentist will sculpt the material to develop the appropriate size and shape. Once this has been achieved, the material will be hardened using an ultraviolet light. Finally, the material will be smoothed and polished.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

There are a range of benefits associated with dental bonding, including the following:

  • Instantly improves the look of your teeth and smile: Dental bonding can generally be performed in just one visit to the dentist, resulting in an immediate improved appearance to your smile.
  • Strengthens the tooth: Restoring the natural shape of your tooth will increase its overall strength. Additionally, teeth that are cracked or damaged are more susceptible to infection, bacteria, or having additional damage occur.
  • Easy to maintain: Provided you practice good oral hygiene habits, your dental bonding should last a long time. If your bonding does begin to wear away or need to be replaced, this can easily be done at your regular dental exams.

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Dental Bonding Vs. Veneers

Patients who are considering dental bonding may also be considering dental veneers. Both approaches have positives and negatives with regards to cost, functionality, and placement, and both are effective in improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile by hiding discoloration or improving issues such as chipped or broken teeth, discoloration, crowding, or tooth spacing.

One of the biggest benefits to dental bonding is that it can be done much quicker and is also much more affordable. One of the biggest drawbacks is that bonding is not as long lasting, generally needing to be replaced every five years. Veneers are much more expensive, but also much more durable, although the longevity of the veneers will be determined by what type of veneers you have placed. Composite veneers will last longer than dental bonding, but not as long as porcelain veneers, which can last up to twenty years, but also require two dental visits and are more expensive. In addition to increased longevity, veneers also have the additional benefit of being resistant to staining.

Fortunately, both approaches are good options for improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Talk with your dentist to determine which approach is best for you.

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