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Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are often suggested for individuals who are missing one or more teeth, or who have a gap that is causing other teeth to become loose. Having a missing tooth or missing teeth can often result in people feeling self-conscious about their smile. For patients who are missing teeth and struggling with these feelings, dental bridges may provide the solution you are looking for.

There are a variety of dental bridges that can be used, including traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported bridges. The type of dental bridge is right for you will be determined by the number of teeth that are missing and what the overall state of the teeth surrounding where the bridge will be placed is. Bridges can be made from zirconia, porcelain, gold or other metal alloys.

In addition to improving the look of your smile, dental bridges also serve several functional purposes that can improve your overall oral health, including improving your ability to chew. Dental bridges also improve the structural integrity of your smile, which can help reduce the risk of developing disease, decay, and potential additional future tooth loss.

Dental bridges can be a wonderful option for patients who are looking for a long-term solution for their missing teeth. If you would like to learn more about dental bridges, please read below or contact our staff, who will be happy to answer any of your questions and/or set up a consultation.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about our treatment options, please contact our office at (919) 595-1010. We look forward to creating the smile you have always desired a reality for you.

Candidates for Bridges

There are several different treatment options available for patients who are missing a tooth or teeth, including dentures, dental implants, or crowns. To be a good candidate for dental bridges, patients should have two strong teeth on each side of the gap with strong roots. Patients who do not have healthy teeth may be better suited for a dental implant. It is important to discuss these options with your dentist to determine if dental bridges are right for you.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

There are a range of benefits associated with having dental bridges placed, the most important being that doing so will help reduce the risk of additional dental issues from developing in the future and prevent the movement of surrounding teeth into that gap. Dental bridges also preserve a complete and properly aligned bite, which is essential for avoiding enamel wearing away along with associated discomfort or pain that can develop in the jaw.

Steps and Timeframe

The dental bridge process will begin with the teeth that will surround the bridge being reshaped so they can be fitted for crowns. Next, a custom mold will be designed that is specially formed to match the texture and color of the surrounding teeth and ensure it is the proper size and shape. Once this has been designed, the bridge will be placed and tested to ensure the fit is proper and comfortable. Once you and your dentist are comfortable with the look, feel, and position of the bridge, it will be cemented into placed.

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