What is the Cost of a Dental Bridge?

If you are addressing a missing tooth in your mouth, a dental bridge may be the best treatment plan to restore your healthy smile.  Dental bridges have been used for years as a proven treatment and the technology has improved the look and life of them.  Not only can a dental bridge close the gap in your smile, but the bridge can be affordable too.

Depending on where the missing tooth is in your mouth, the dentist can choose between three types of bridges and many different kinds of materials.  In most cases, the dentist will use a traditional bridge to secure the replacement tooth in place with abutments or crowns on either side of the gap.  The price of your bridge is determined by the materials the dentist uses, the place of the missing tooth in your mouth, the type of bridge, the location of the dentist office, the number of missing teeth, the number of appointments and the amount of time the dentist spends on your dental bridge.

In traditional bridges, there are two crowns and one pontic or false tooth.  The crowns hold the bridge in place but can be dental implants if the health of the surrounding teeth is not strong enough to support the replacement tooth.  Keep in mind the other factors that affect the total cost for your bridge:

The materials- Depending on your preferences and the location of the missing tooth, the dentist can use ceramic or porcelain to match your natural teeth color and shape.  Some people prefer the look of gold alloys or zirconia in their smiles.  The durable materials allow for long term replacements without the worry and cost of buying another dental bridge soon.

The location of the missing tooth- If you need to replace a tooth that must withstand the repeated pressure from chewing like a molar or if you want to replace a front tooth with a natural looking bridge, the dentist can recommend the best type of material and bridge for you.  The dentist may need more than one appointment to get the bridge to properly fit your mouth and your bite.  If the tooth is located in the back of your mouth, the procedure may require more time or the surrounding teeth may need more preparation to ensure the bridge stays in place.

The geographic location of the dentist office- Unfortunately for the people who live on the East coast or the West coast and the people who live in major cities, the cost of a dental bridge will be higher than for the people who live in the middle of the country and the people who live in less populated areas.

Investing in the health of your mouth and your future smile is not going to be a small gesture, but it will prove to be a great decision in a number of ways.  Be sure to talk to the dentist about the approximate cost the treatment plan as a whole, check with your insurance plan and reach out to the dental office to talk about payment plan options.  There are a number of ways that your oral health and your budget can stay on track!

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