What are Dental Implants?

Prior to their introduction in 1951 the only solution you had to fill a gap in your teeth was with a dental bridge. The dental implants in chapel hill was invented and has become extremely popular in the last 25 years. As of now the number has climbed over half a million dental implant procedures now annually. We’ll walk you through why you might need or want a dental implant, the procedure to get one placed and the benefits for choosing this solution.

Why would you need a Dental Implant?

If you have had an unfortunate accident that knocked out a tooth, or if the dentist has exhausted all options to attempt to keep a tooth and must resort to extracting it, you are left with an unnatural gap in your teeth. Depending on its location it could dramatically affect your smile and even your speech. If you do not fill that gap the neighboring teeth will slowly shift into that gap which will create difficulties with your bite pattern. You can fill that gap with a conventional dental bridge or choose the more natural dental implant approach.

The Dental Implant Procedure

An unseen problem with losing a tooth is the weakening of the jawbone. The tooth’s roots actually keep the jaw strong. So, an unseen benefit of the dental implant is the process of placing a titanium post in our jawbone. Done with oral surgery, the tiny posts will act as an artificial root. When given adequate time this post will fuse to the jaw making the implant very strong. The second step is an extension on to that post called an abutment. The finishing touch is the porcelain or ceramic crown that is affixed on to the abutment. This artificial tooth will be fabricated at a dental lab and will look just like your natural teeth.

The Benefits of Choosing a Dental Implant

With the assist of ever improving technology the benefits have receiving a dental implant are multiple. They can be as strong as natural teeth when it comes to biting and chewing. There is no additional hardware in your mouth like a bridge so the look totally natural and are easier to clean around. Of course, the biggest benefit is the toughest to quantify. That is the return of your smile to its natural appearance. Your smile is the foundation for your self-esteem and your self-confidence. The value you put on your smile is relative to your personality.

Extending the Care and the Life of your Dental Implant

The health industry strongly encourages us to see a dentist twice a year for regular examinations and to have our teeth professionally cleaned at that time. The implant crown has some porosity to it as does your natural teeth so keeping it clean is also important. It is conceivable that you can get anywhere between 10 and 25 years out of your implant. You will need to exercise some common sense when it comes to biting and chewing on hard objects like ice cubes or gnawing on a pen. Take care of this investment.

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