How Often Should I Go To The Dentist?

For years, the standard has been to see your Dentist chapel hill nc twice a year. Even if you have excellent oral hygiene, it is very important to see your Dentist and hygienist regularly to keep trouble at bay. Your Dentist uses x-rays, taken annually, to identify problems that you may not be aware of or even feel. Often, by the time you are feeling pain in a tooth or area of your mouth, the problem is in a more advanced stage. Spotting decay and other problems early will allow your Dentist to restore the area with a less invasive, and less costly, treatment option. A small area of decay on a tooth can be quickly restored with a tooth color restoration, or composite filling. Without getting it filled, the decay can easily become larger and end up requiring a crown, which is significantly more costly.

Though twice per year is typical, of course there are exceptions. Some people with a higher risk of gum disease, plaque build-up and decay due to poor hygiene or even genetics should be seen more often. In addition, patients who smoke, have diabetes, or are pregnant usually need to be seen more as well. Patients with a weakened immune system or those taking medication that causes dry mouth would also benefit from a more frequent recall schedule.

Over the years, your recall schedule may change. For example, pregnancy gingivitis is not uncommon and would lead a hygienist to recommend more cleanings that usual during pregnancy and once the baby arrives, return you back to your normal schedule. Your hygienist and Dentist want to provide you with the best care possible so it is in your interest to follow their advice to the best of your ability. There may be cause to bring on a specialist if you require treatment that your Dentist does not provide.

If you have current gum disease or have needed treatment for it in the past, a Periodontist may be brought on board to aid in healing your gums. You then have the option to alternate your cleanings with your Periodontist and your Dentist, seeing one or the other every three months or so. Any specialist to whom your Dentist refers you will be in constant contact with your Dentist and they keep each other apprised of your treatment and response to treatment.

At home oral care is very important and how often you visit your dentist will be based on the success of your home care. If you maintain proper and consistent brushing and flossing habits, you may be able to keep to a six month hygiene schedule. Your dental professional team will help you determine the ideal schedule for your individual needs.

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