Types of Dentures

Edentulism is the medical term for toothlessness. Today research says that more than 36 million Americans do not have their teeth and roughly 90% of that number do use dentures. Research also projects that number to increase to 200 million in 10 to 15 years. The single biggest cause for tooth loss is that of gum disease which is often the result of poor oral hygiene. Injuries can cause tooth loss as well as different health conditions such as cancer. The numerous types of dentures are available to match up with the patient and the individual situation that is to be corrected. The list to follow is by the most popular to the most unique.

Traditional or Conventional Type of Denture

This set of dentures is complete, both upper and lower arches replacing all of the patient’s teeth. The flesh colored acrylic tray that holds the artificial teeth simply sit on the gums and are help in place with a mild adhesive. The trays are to be removed every evening for proper cleaning as well as the opportunity to brush the gums to keep them healthy as well.

The Partial Type of Denture

The dental industry does everything possible to help a patient retain their natural teeth. In this scenario, several teeth are remaining in the arch. The natural teeth will be used to anchor the artificial teeth. The flesh colored acrylic tray and artificial teeth are still fabricated in the dental lab and designed to sit on the gums. The addition is a metal piece that can be attached to the natural teeth to help hold the tray in place. These dentures are removable as well.

Custom Dentures

This type of denture is the result of spending a few more dollars. More time and effort are put into the final product in the dental lab with an increase in the quality of the artificial teeth used to make the smile as natural as possible.

Immediate Dentures or Same Day Type of Denture

A very select audience is able to use this type of denture. They are fabricated the same day as the extraction of the teeth. An impression is made prior to the extraction and the tray and artificial teeth are made immediately. Again, you must be a good candidate and you can expect to pay 20% more than the traditional method.

Implant Supported or Snap-in Type of Dentures

This is a method that is growing in popularity. It takes two methods and combines them. The dentist will surgically plant four or six implants into the jaw. Once the implant has fused to the bone the extension is put on and the denture can now affix these extensions. It not only eliminates the need for the adhesive, it makes for more secure fitting and it actually strengthens the jawbone. You will enjoy a better sensation with biting and chewing and it can enhance speech.

The Benefits of Dentures

At the end of the day it is about your smile and the self-confidence that radiates from that attribute. Dentures improve the quality of life through eating, speaking and smiling.

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