Double Tooth Implant

The loss of a tooth causes discomfort that goes beyond the simple aesthetic factor: it makes chewing difficult and promotes bone loss in your jaw. Today, in case of loss of a two or more consecutive teeth, it is possible to replace them using the traditional bridge on natural teeth, the single fixed implant, or the double tooth implant. In this article we will compare these two solutions, highlighting their main advantages.

The bridge on natural teeth

Until a few years ago, when a tooth was lost and a fixed solution was sought, the most common procedure was the bridge on natural teeth. A bridge on natural teeth is a prosthesis of 3 or more teeth that is usually supported only by two natural teeth that function as pillars and provide the necessary support during chewing.

The single dental implant

Recovering a lost tooth from an aesthetic and functional point of view is possible thanks to the prosthetic solution of a dental implant. This solution involves the insertion of a fixed implant inside the bone, which acts as a new artificial root; the crown of the new tooth is then fixed to the implant.

Although the supervision of the dental implant provides for the disadvantage of the surgical phase, it has significant advantages for health:

protects healthy teeth: the prosthesis on a dental implant is self-supporting and relies on the stability guaranteed by the implant. Unlike the bridge on natural teeth, it does not require the filing and transformation of neighboring healthy teeth to provide the necessary support and stability for the new prosthesis
avoids bone resorption: the implant works as an artificial root that stimulates the bone. Although in the case of a single tooth, bone resorption may not be very evident, using the traditional bridge it is possible that there may be a slight loss of bone below the treated area
duration: it is a dental solution which, according to some researches, guarantees a duration greater than 10.4% compared to a bridge on natural teeth

Double tooth implant

For years now, the traditional removable prosthesis has been replaced by the treatment of the bridge on fixed implants, or a double tooth implant, because it is generally seen as better for your bone health and is also longer lasting. The double tooth implant involves the insertion into the bone of a fixed implant that performs the function of supporting a pillar for the entire double prosthesis. A prosthesis is then fixed on the implants which includes a number of crowns equal to that of the teeth to be replaced.

Double Tooth Implant Installations

Although the implant bridge solution requires mini-surgery and has a higher cost than the removable prosthesis, it is the ideal solution to replace missing teeth since it has important advantages:

  • functionality: the bridge on implants restores the comfort of stable teeth that do not risk detaching from the gingival tissue
    natural effect: the bridge has no metal hook and is supported by an implant that is fixed in the bone where it performs the function of an artificial root.
  • The prosthetic teeth that are put on the implant look and feel much like natural teeth

Dental Implant Team