How Does Invisalign Work?

Many people want straighter and more attractive teeth, however, they avoid treatment because they do not want to have unattractive and uncomfortable metal braces. Invisalign can be a great orthodontic solution to work around these issues.

Invisalign chapel hill nc aligners are barely visible and are customized to your mouth. The aligners use multiple trays which gradually adjust your teeth. Patients receive a new aligner tray about every two weeks. The tray slowly adjusts the teeth into their desired locations. Invisalign trays are an excellent solution for patients who want a more discreet option for obtaining straighter teeth.

Invisalign Treatment Process

Patients must first schedule a consultation with a qualified dentist or orthodontist. The dental professional can determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. During the consultation, the dentist will review expectations, the treatment plan and provide a cost estimate.

After the consultation, the dentist will obtain a digital scan of your teeth which will include 3-D imaging. These images are used to create the custom aligners. The smooth, BPA-free plastic used to create the trays is comfortable for continuous wear.

The aligners slowly adjust the teeth. The force used to straighten teeth is controlled to ensure the pain is manageable.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline

For adults, the average treatment time is 12 months. The timeline can vary for each patient based on the severity of the adjustments needed. The doctor will help set expectations on the treatment timeline based on your individual plan.

Your Invisalign provider may use attachments in addition to the trays for the treatment. In some cases, tooth-colored composite “bumps” are attached the tooth to give the aligner a better grip. This additional step aids in ensuring efficient and optimal results.

Invisalign can help to correct many common issues such as gaps in the teeth, an overbite, underbite and overly crowded teeth. These issues can impact your overall oral health in addition to the appearance of your smile.

Teeth which contain gaps leave the gums exposed and can cause serious periodontal disease. Underbites and overbites can create added stress in the jaw which sometimes lead to painful joint issues. Teeth which are overly crowded can often lead to the increased collection of plaque. Because crowded teeth are difficult to effectively brush and floss, it can also result in cavities. Invisalign works to address these issues and promote good oral health.

Invisalign and Daily Living

Invisalign aligner trays are created for daily wear. As a result, they do not interfere with your routine. The trays should be removed in the morning and evening in order to thoroughly clean. Most patients find that it works well to brush the trays at the same time when you brush your teeth. The trays should also be removed for eating and drinking. Removing the trays allows you to continue to enjoy your favorite foods without modifying your diet. Patients are able to brush their teeth as normal to maintain clean teeth and healthy gums. Invisalign is also a great solution for patients who participate in contact sports which require them to wear mouth guards. The aligners just need to be removed when you are participating in the contact sport and replaced when you are finished.

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