How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

Simply put, dental crowns will not last forever, but you already know that your natural teeth won’t either if you have had to replace one with a dental crown. You can ensure that you do not need to repair or replace your dental crown too soon if you take steps to care for your entire mouth.

The Purpose of a Crown

There are a number of reasons the dentist may suggest a dental crown as a part of your treatment plan for a number of reasons. One of the top reasons that you may need a dental crown is if your tooth requires a large filling but there is not enough of the healthy tooth to support the filling. Other reasons to use a dental crown include repairing a broken or cracked tooth that is not too damaged to be removed entirely and to protect a weak tooth from breaking completely or a cavity. The dentist can use a crown to attach a dental bridge to the teeth on either side or even to protect a tooth after a root canal to prevent further infections or problems.

After you determine with the dentist that a dental crown is the best treatment for your dental issue, you will need to decide which material will work for your specific case. Some materials will last longer than others based on their composition. No matter if the crown is made from gold, a metal alloy, porcelain, zirconia, or a combination of those materials the average lifespan of a crown is about ten years. You can increase the time between repairing or replacing your dental crowns by first choosing the right dentist. A trained and experienced dentist will be able to ensure the best fabrication and fit of the crown in the first place. Next, the dentist will review why you need the crown in the first place along with the location of the crown in your mouth, the strength of your bite, and your jaw clenching and grinding habits. Finally, you will need to make sure that you are clear on your expectations of the dental crown with the dentist. For example, do you want it to match your other teeth or do you want it to be strong enough to help you maintain your almond habit? Be sure to share these ideas with the dentist to get you the results you want from your investment in your dental health.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia is considered to be a type of ceramic, but it is specifically called zirconium dioxide, a nonmetal that is related to titanium. The actual composition of zirconia is similar to a crystal so it is very durable and resistant to breaking. Because it is a newer material in dental applications, there is not as much research available as other materials. At this point, most dentists are ready to confirm that zirconia crowns last at least ten to fifteen years. Data indicate that they can last even longer when you brush, floss, rinse, and keep your twice yearly dental appointments. Your at home care will prevent problems from getting worse and the appointments will help the dentist monitor your crown. Only the dentist will be able to examine and x-ray the crown to ensure it is replaced when it is no longer working.

Can I Crack Zirconia Crowns?