Snap-In Dentures

Thanks to advances in dental technologies, there are many tooth replacement options available today to help restore your smile. With all of the tooth replacement options available, no one should have to struggle with the embarrassment of missing teeth. If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth, you should start by working with your dentist to determine which option may be right for you. Snap-in dentures are one of the many options you may want to consider when selecting a tooth replacement option. Snap-in dentures are a type of denture that are designed to offer security, comfort, and durability. Here is more information to introduce you to snap-in dentures, and to help you decide if they are the right tooth replacement option for you.

What Are Snap-in Dentures?

Snap-in dentures are a type of denture prosthetic that are securely held in place by dental implants or screws placed in the jawbone. Conventional dentures are a popular tooth replacement option due to their ability to replace many missing teeth quickly and at a relatively low price. Conventional dentures are a dental prosthetic that are designed to sit on top of the gumline. Due to this design, over time dentures may need to be refitted to continue to fit the changing shape of the mouth. If dentures are not properly fitted, they can shift around in the mouth, causing irritation and issues with speaking and eating. Snap-in dentures are a newer tooth replacement option, designed to offer more stability, versality, and improved comfort over conventional dentures. Snap-in dentures usually require between two to four implants in the upper and lower jawbone for a secure fit.

Benefits of Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in dentures offer many benefits compared to conventional dentures. Depending on what you are looking for when selecting the right tooth replacement option, you may want to consider many of these important benefits, including:

  • Improved stability: Snap-in dentures are designed to be held in place by the dental implants, meaning they will not become loose during speaking or eating.
  • Improved eating ability: With a more secure fit, patients with snap-in dentures are able to return to eating harder and stickier foods they have not been able to eat previously with conventional dentures.
  • Improved comfort: The secure fit of snap-in dentures reduces irritation from friction and rubbing and therefore are more comfortable than conventional dentures.
  • Improved appearance: Conventional dentures require acrylic prosthetic gums to help hold the dentures in place on top of the gums. Because snap-in dentures are held in place by dental implants, they are made with less artificial material and therefore offer a more natural looking appearance.
  • Improved oral health: One added bonus is that dental implants can help to restore the health of the jawbone, preventing further bone loss.

Drawbacks of Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in dentures are not without some drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include:

  • Require surgery: Before snap-in dentures can be fit, surgery is required to place the dental implants into the jawbone. This necessary surgery may be more invasive than some patients would prefer.
  • Extra costs: Up front, snap-in dentures are a larger investment than conventional dentures and these treatment costs may not be covered by insurance.
  • Extra procedures: To be successful, snap-in dentures require a healthy jawbone to support the dental implants. To help improve the health of the jawbone and to make sure the jawbone can support the implants, some additional treatment procedures may be required, such as bone grafting.
  • Durability: Snap-in dentures will not last forever and eventually they will break down and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Estimated Costs of Snap-in Denture Treatment

If you are considering tooth replacement options, you will most likely consider the cost of treatment as a major factor. Many insurance plans do not cover snap-in denture treatment costs. Additionally, snap-in dentures require dental implants and implant surgery, which will contribute to the cost. If you are interested in snap-in dentures, but are not sure how you would cover the treatment costs, you should have a conversation with your dentist. Each implant needed will increase the total price of snap-in denture treatment.

Care for Snap-in Dentures

Taking care of your oral health is essential to maintaining the investment of your tooth replacement treatment. Maintenance may be a factor you consider in selecting the right tooth replacement option for you. With removable snap-in dentures, the gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth should be brushed everyday just like normal teeth. The removed dentures should be rinsed and then brushed with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Snap-in Dentures Procedure

The first step in the snap-in denture treatment plan is the surgical placement of the dental implants into the jawbone. After the implant surgery, a healing period of 2 to 6 months is required to allow time for the bone to fuse to the implants. This fusing is essential to providing a strong and stable foundation for the dentures. Depending on the dental implants being used, a second surgery may be needed to remove gum tissue to uncover the implants. Once the implants are secure, a connector may be attached to the implants to hold the dentures. Lastly, the dentures will be fitted and attached.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Snap-in Dentures?

For individuals who are missing the majority of their teeth due to injury, dental cavities, or periodontal disease, snap-in dentures may be the perfect tooth replacement solution. For patients who do not want to deal with the drawbacks of conventional dentures, snap-in dentures are a better option. Snap-in dentures offer a long-term solution that restores the ability to eat, talk, and smile.

For individuals who are considering investing in a tooth replacement solution, snap-in dentures may be the perfect solution. Snap-in denture treatment requires an investment in time, money, and some minor discomfort throughout multiple dental appointments. However, this investment of time and money should also be considered an investment in the future and future quality of life. Snap-in denture treatment offers many benefits that will last for years to come.

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