Can you whiten teeth at home?

The shortest answer to this question is yes; you can whiten your teeth at home with good, consistent habits over time. The fastest and most dramatic whitening methods are going to happen at the dentist office but there are ways for you to work towards whiter teeth and preventing future stains. In fact, some of the best ways to teeth whitening in chapel hill nc at home are as simple as changing a few habits and are very cost effective.

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

First and foremost, your oral hygiene habits make a big impact not only on the health of your teeth and gums, but on the impact of your daily foods and drinks have on the color of your teeth. While you are preventing cavities and gum disease by brushing twice a day, you can choose toothpaste with fluoride and whitening properties. This kind of toothpaste will prevent stains from adhering to your tooth’s surface and penetrating to deeper layers. A fresh toothbrush to use with the toothpaste will keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible at home. Once your toothbrush starts to fray or it is more than four months old, you should replace it with a new one. Finally, your daily habit should be capped off with a once a day flossing. This will help keep the spaces between your teeth free of debris and keep plaque from building up and yellowing your teeth.

Foods That Stain

While we all really enjoy certain foods and drinks, you know how risky it can be to drink them while wearing white clothes or eating them over light colored carpeting. Your teeth are as susceptible to staining the same way. If your focus is on whiter teeth, then you should make an effort to try and limit how often you consume certain foods and drinks. The most common foods and drinks known to cause discoloration of teeth are coffee, tea, soda, wine, high acid drinks like lemonade and even dark berries. Before you read any further on the list of stain causing foods, you may need to brace yourself; even the tomato sauce on pizza or pasta can cause your teeth to turn a darker shade sooner than they should.

Avoiding Tobacco Use

While we are talking about daily habits that add to a healthier mouth and a whiter smile, eliminating tobacco could not only stop yellowing of your teeth, but add money to your budget to whiten your teeth. Smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco increase your chances of oral, esophageal, lung and pancreatic cancer not to mention cause damage to your gums. The nicotine and tar from cigarettes, chewing and dipping tobacco will stain your teeth from the contact. Long story short, whiter teeth, fewer risks of major health disorders, and money saved from not regularly purchasing those products will culminate in a longer life with more memories to share your bright white smile with others.

Routine Dental Checkups

Before starting any whitening treatment, you should first invest in your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy. Once your teeth are free from plaque and your gums are free from infection, you can start working on the appearance of your smile. You and your dentist can talk about the ways you can whiten your teeth and which way is the best for you and your needs.

Baking Soda

Finally, one of the best ways to whiten your teeth at home with an abrasive with an ingredient you most likely already own. Baking soda is effective to help your smile whiter. It is a home teeth whitening option that is a natural solution to prevent tooth discoloration.

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