What are teeth whitening kits?

Who doesn’t want a bright, shiny smile? Whiter teeth change your smile, but which teeth whitening chapel hill north carolina kits is the right choice for you and your teeth? The American Dental Association reports that most dentists report wanting whiter teeth is one of the top requests of their patients. Teeth free from stains are easier to achieve when you floss and brush regularly especially if your whitening toothpaste uses baking soda, abrasives, and/or peroxide as an active ingredient. These ingredients can help your teeth stay free from stains after a whitening treatment, remove plaque, and keep surface stains at bay. Once you are doing your part at home to keep your teeth healthy, you can talk to your dentist about what your options are to address deeper stains below the surface. You and your dentist can discuss your dental history and available options, your dentist can make recommendations ideal for you either from the drug store or treatments available at the dentist office.

Just Keep Smiling

Your smile may not be as bright as you remember it to be or your teeth may not be as white as you want them to be. As long as you are doing your part with regular dental exams, cleanings and at home daily maintenance, you can be assured that you have done everything to get your teeth as white as possible before you add in the option of a whitening kit. Your lifestyle, medications, medical treatments and even nicotine can increase the staining on your teeth over time.

If you have experienced any accidental trauma to your mouth which resulted in bumping your tooth or slightly dislocated your tooth, the damaged tooth may darken over time. Drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine are very problematic for your teeth over time. They may make your mornings better and your evenings more enjoyable, but your teeth will darken over time as they seep into the enamel. While getting older is gift, your teeth’s enamel layer will thin and eventually expose the darker layer of dentin. Depending on how much of these external factors have affected your teeth and the color of your teeth, you and your dentist can determine which whitening treatment will be the best choice and the color change you can expect from the whitening kit.

Whitening Kit Options

You and your dentist can discuss your medical history, your lifestyle and your expectations of color change in your teeth from the treatment to determine which whitening treatment is the best choice for you. Your dentist will recommend either an in office treatment, an office dispensed whitening kit or a drug store product; each one of these choices is very easy and accessible. You will find the common ingredient of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide but these will vary in concentration from 10 to 22 percent. If your goal is to adjust your teeth a few shades lighter, the less concentrated whitening kits may be the best fit you. You can find most of these at drug stores and start whitening your teeth as soon as you get home! These whitening kits include gels, strips or pastes with a concentration of the bleaching agent at 10 percent or less. If you and your dentist decide that an in office procedure is the best choice for you, then you could have whiter teeth after the procedure which takes about five minutes to one hour, depending on the treatment and your teeth.

Finally, your dentist may recommend using a bleaching gel available from the dental office in combination with a custom made tooth tray to use at home. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth for the tray and supply you with a concentrated bleach gel. You and your dentist will monitor your progress and talk about reducing side effects from using the whitening kit at home.

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