How Much Does Fluoride Treatment Cost?

It is common for dentists to recommend fluoride treatment for individuals who are at risk of or have a history of tooth decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps protect the teeth from decay. Professional fluoride treatment can help stop or reverse the process of tooth decay. For certain patients, dentists may recommend fluoride treatment every six months. If your dentist has recently suggested you should consider fluoride treatment, you may be wondering what to expect the treatment to cost. Here is more information on fluoride treatment and the estimated costs of the treatment.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Work?

Everyday food and beverages create acid and bacteria that breaks down the minerals in the tooth’s outer layer, called the enamel. The tooth’s enamel plays an important role in keeping the teeth strong and healthy. The goal of a fluoride treatment is to replace the minerals on the tooth’s surface that have been lost. During the treatment a fluoride gel, foam, or varnish is applied directly to the teeth. If your dentist uses a varnish, they will paint it onto your teeth directly, while a fluoride gel is normally applied with a mouth guard. At some dental offices, fluoride treatment is a part of a routine dental visit.

Whether you have realized it or not, you may live in a community where you are already exposed to routine fluoride treatment. In many urban communities in the United States, the water is fluoridated, meaning it intentionally has small traces of fluoride in it. This is a public policy to improve the oral health of the US population. Costing Americans about $1 per year, this preventive public health measure is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to save every American at least $15 -$20 per year in dental care costs.

How Much Does Fluoride Treatment Cost?

Typically, fluoride treatments cost somewhere between $20 -$50. Because the treatment is designed as a prevention treatment that promotes good oral health, some dental insurance policies will cover the entire cost of treatment. If your insurance policy does not cover the cost of a fluoride treatment, and you are looking for a lower cost option you should consider trying mouthwash or toothpaste that includes fluoride, which are made by most popular brands. Crest and Colgate, for example, often offer online coupons for their fluoride products.

Another alternative to a professional treatment is an in-home fluoride kit. In-home treatments are designed to be used over a several week or several month period and require mouth trays for the application process. Mouth trays can be purchased in bulk for between $7-40.

Is Fluoride Treatment Worth the Extra Cost?

It may seem unnecessary to get a dental treatment that adds natural minerals to your enamel. However, regular fluoride treatments are less expensive than waiting for a cavity to form and covering the costs of fixing a cavity or treating tooth decay. A filling for a cavity can cost between $50-$450 or more per tooth and may need to be repaired several times throughout your life.

Eating After Fluoride Treatment