How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Being told that you need oral surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, or third molars, may seem a bit unsettling but it is a very common surgery as we do not need them and they can cause problems as we get older. Tooth Extractions are a relatively simple procedure and only takes about 45 minutes.

An Oral Maxillofaxial Surgeon performs the procedure in an outpatient capacity. OM Surgeons have additional educational beyond dental school and are well practiced in this very common procedure.

The third molars have usually erupted through the gums by the age of 22 and this is the best time to have them removed. Recovery for younger patients is easier and shorter than older


A few reasons you may need to have them removed include:

  • they are pressing on adjacent teeth, causing discomfort
  • they develop decay and, due to their positioning, are not able to be restored
  • cysts form around impacted teeth
  • they are causing overcrowding to the rest of your teeth
  • orthodontic treatment is planned in the future

Wisdom teeth are hard to reach and therefore hard to keep clean. Decay can develop which can affect adjacent healthy teeth. Having wisdom teeth removed can greatly improve the structure of your mouth and reduce crowding.

How much do extractions cost?

The fee for extractions will vary from office to office and how much you end up paying out of pocket will also depend on your dental insurance. The type of anesthesia used will also be a factor in the overall cost of your extraction treatment.

Another thing to consider is how the teeth will be removed. If they are impacted, they will require general anesthesia which will add significantly to the total cost.

If you have dental insurance, that could greatly offset the out of pocket cost for you. Some oral surgery offices have in house financing option available to ease the bill. Don’t let the cost of having your wisdom teeth removed deter you from receiving treatment if you and your Oral Surgeon believe it is the right path for you. The benefits of having a healthy mouth are exponential.

Benefits of removing wisdom teeth

While the cost is certainly something to consider, keep in mind that having your wisdom teeth removed is a great way to improve your smile and keep your teeth healthy. The procedure is simple and the recovery time is low.

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