How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

The full duration of the chapel hill dental implants procedure depends on the specific location in your mouth, the health of your jawbone and your own ability to heal. Some of us simply heal faster than others. We’ll walk you through the steps in the procedure to give you an idea of the time associated with each step.

The Steps in the Dental Implant Procedure

The first step is the reason for the implant. Whether you and your dentist agreed to extract a tooth due to its poor health or if you lost a tooth from an unfortunate accident, you are left with a disappointing gap in your smile. It is advised that you move in reasonable fashion to fill that gap. The neighboring teeth will not waste any time in slowly shifting into that gap. This physical change will affect your bite pattern and your speech.

A consultation with your dentist is the next step. If you agree together on pursuing a dental implant as the solution an x-ray will confirm what is going on below the surface of the gums. Your jawbone must be strong enough to accept a titanium post. So, the next step that must be identified is if your jaw needs a bone graft. This is a surgical procedure in and of itself. If the jaw is deemed strong enough then the physical procedure begins. An impression of your natural teeth will be captured and sent off to the dental lab.

With the administration of a local anesthetic a small incision is made and then a small hole drilled into the jawbone. The titanium post is inserted into the hole and this step is over. That post needs time to be able to fuse or graft to the bone. An important step that brings with it the strength of the implant. This may take weeks or even several months. It is better to error on the side of giving it more time.

Once the post is stable an extension is placed on to the post. While the post was healing, a dental lab has been fabricating your artificial tooth. This tooth, called the crown is then glued on to the abutment and the procedure is over. Realistically from start to finish you should allow at least two to three months, with each of the visits being a couple of hours.

Is the Procedure Worth it?

In regard to filling the gap the answer is yes. Dental implants are more expensive than dental bridges but have superior benefits. The unseen benefit is the health of your jaw. The implant strengthens the jaw where a bridge does not. When it comes to life expectancy the implant will outlast the bridge. The bridge will last five to 15 years in comparison to 10 to 25 years with an implant. The implant will look and act just like a natural tooth and you will find caring for it easier as well. The two to three-month procedure is worth the wait. You will continue smiling day to day with a much better dental solution.

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