How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

It’s amazing to realize that the dental implants was introduced over 50 years ago. With the constant improvements in technology the dental implant as gotten not only better but more affordable. With over 500,000 dental implant procedures annually the cost can vary. We’ll take a look at the elements of the procedure. Each of these factors will vary in cost. We also look at other variables affecting the final outcome. Then we’ll identify all of the benefits in choosing this solution and making the cost a good value.

The Steps that make up the Dental Implant Procedure

The first variable is the location of the gap in your teeth and the difficulty in working with that gap. A front tooth versus a molar. You may have had a front tooth knocked out in a sporting accident or you may have had a rear tooth extracted for health reasons. The next step is an x-ray to determine the condition of your jawbone. Is it strong enough to accept the titanium post that stabilizes the implant. If you need some bone grafting to strengthen the jawbone that is another variable. An impression is made of your natural teeth so the dental lab has a road map to fabricate the artificial tooth.

The surgically placed titanium post is the next variable. With local anesthesia involved how difficult was this step. Two hours or four hours. Once the post is allowed to graft or fuse to the jawbone the final process is an abutment placed on the post to extend it. Then an artificial tooth made of porcelain or ceramic is glued to the abutment. The artificial tooth, called the crown, was fabricated at the dental lab. There may be cost variations with the provider or the materials used.

What is the Final Cost of the Dental Implant

A national average is $2,488 per implant. It is best that these factors and variables be discussed in your opening evaluation. Another big variable that you cannot control is the part of the country you live in. It’s not unheard of to see these procedures be more expensive on either coast versus the Midwest. Each market can differ as well depending on the number of providers.

Is the Implant worth the cost?

Here is a way to look at the value quantifiably. If you can get 10 years out of your implant that will cost you 68 cents a day. If you can extend the life to 20 years you have an investment of 34 cents a day. Your smile is directly related to your self-esteem and your self-confidence. How do you assess a value to those character-building attributes? Look at your dental implant as a long-term investment contributing to your quality of life. If you take this view the procedure is an investment in yourself. Many philosophers and therapists today would agree this is a good solid investment, that being yourself.

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