Finding a Dentist Near Me

Finding a chapel hill dentist can seem daunting. Whether you’ve recently relocated to a new city or are changing from a pediatric dentist, talking to friends a family and searching online can quickly lead you to your favorite new dental provider!

Where to start

A great place to start is by asking friends and family! People tend to have a loyalty to their healthcare providers and will likely love to give you the name of their own and inform you why they are so great. Google searches are of course a great way to find out who has offices located conveniently for you and your family. You will also be able to see what services they offer. If you are planning to see a family dentist, they will probably be able to treat everyone in your family, including small children. As you conduct your search, be sure to ask if they are accepting new patients. If you have dental insurance, go onto your insurance company’s website and look for a list of in-network providers. Depending on your insurance plan, they may cover some expenses should you choose an out of network dentist. But keep in mind, if you do decide on an out of network provider, you may be asked for full payment at the time of service and then your insurance company would send you a reimbursement check for whatever portion they cover. As you make calls to potential offices, inquire about their insurance policy.

Narrowing it down

After compiling a list of recommendations from your friends and family and the internet, give each office a call. Find out what age range their patients are and make sure they will fit your family’s needs. Inquire about their daily hours; do they offer weekend or after work hours? Also ask about the ease of getting on the schedule for routine cleanings and emergencies. You may want to find out if they have additional fees for after hours emergencies. Once you have spoken to each office, take a moment to note how they made you feel during your first conversation. Were the accommodating and caring? Were they brusk and rushing you? When you visit for the first time, consider the chairside manner of everyone you see and the feeling you get from the staff at the front desk as you arrive and depart.

Take into consideration the location of each office in respect to your own location. If you live in a big city, this could easily play a huge factor if parking your car comes into play or if public transportation is accessible.


Your comfort is incredibly important to your new dentist. If you are not comfortable with your treatment or any of the clinical staff’s chairside manner, you have freedom to switch to another dentist. Everyone wants you to be happy and confident in your choice!

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