Same Day Dentures

Over 30 million Americans today have some form of dentures in chapel hill nc. That number is expected to grow to close to 200 million in 10 to 15 years. There are a number of options when it comes to dentures, which are nothing more than replacement teeth. Same day dentures are an option, but individual circumstances may rule out potential patients. A simple consultation with your dentist will confirm whether you are a candidate for the same day denture procedure.

The Immediate or Same Day Denture Process

The entire dental industry will do everything in their power to save natural teeth. But gum disease is a big culprit for the loss of teeth. Cavities such that the tooth or teeth can’t be saved, or an unfortunate accident. The increase in diabetes is takes its toll on the health of teeth. If you have reached the point that you are turning to dentures the same day process is basically the same. An impression of the arch in question will be made first before anything else is done. That impression goes directly to a dental lab. Then while the dentist is extracting the remainder of your teeth and waiting for the extraction sites to clot the lab is already working on your dentures. The flesh-colored acrylic trays are molded from the impression and then the artificial teeth are affixed to the tray. The dentures can be returned in time for a fitting and to send the patient home with a set of dentures the day of the procedure.

The Concerns about Post-Operative Care

The instructions for the proper care must be followed diligently. A blood clot must form where the tooth or teeth were extracted. It’s about the clot. So, unlike new dentures any other time where you remove them every night, the first evening home you will leave the tray in over the extraction site. Then in the morning you will carefully remove the dentures and rinse them under cold water. You will rinse your mouth out with warm salt water and then put the dentures back in. You will do that for two more days before you sleep without the dentures. You will continue to rinse your mouth out for seven to ten days. You most likely will be asked to stick with a diet of softer food to take it easier on the biting pressure. As the clots heal and the swelling subsidizes you will follow regular denture practices

The Benefits of the New Same Day Dentures

You can expect to pay about 20% more than traditional dentures for the same day product. Once you have become acclimated to your new dentures you will enjoy your meals more through the normal biting and chewing. Your speech will be near normal again and finally, most importantly, the value of your smile will return. The smile is so important to each of us. It sets the foundation for your personality, your self-confidence and your self-esteem. If you need to replace an arch of teeth pursue a consultation with your dentist about same day dentures.

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