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Unfortunately, dental emergencies can happen, but you should rest assured knowing there are many dental clinics that provide emergency services. This may be something you have never considered until you are in need of help. That’s ok! Below is more information on emergency dental services and tips on how to find services near you.

First - what is a dental emergency?

Even if you have had an accident involving your teeth, or are experiencing some dental pain, it may not necessarily be an emergency. The best first step to take is to determine if your situation requires emergency services. Dental injuries or conditions that require immediate treatment include:

  • Severe injury to your teeth or gums, including losing adult teeth or excessive bleeding
  • A serious infection or abscess in your mouth causing pain, soreness and severe swelling
  • Heavy bleeding following a recent dental visit or procedure
  • Chipped or fractured teeth that are a result of an accident

In summary, if your condition involves bleeding, severe pain, or the loss or damage to teeth than you should seek out immediate dental services.

It is an emergency! Where should you go?

Ok, you’ve decided you or your loved one needs emergency dental services. Where should you go? Many people make the mistake of going to the hospital emergency room (ER). Regardless of time of day, the ER is not the place to go for a dental emergency. The reason why you should not visit the ER is that they are not setup to fully treat dental emergencies. In most cases, visiting the ER first will just delay the care needed, and will then tack on extra costs. The big take home message is this: it is important to seek out emergency dental services where a dental practitioner can help you. Now, there are some specific cases when the ER may be the right choice. If the accident involves injury to the face or tissue, including wounds or lacerations in the mouth, and excessive bleeding is involved than you should seek treatment in the ER, especially if the dentist office is closed. It is important to get the bleeding stopped and make sure any wounds or lacerations are addressed immediately.

How to find emergency dental services near you

Regardless of if you are sure your oral injury needs emergency dental care, to determine your next step you should call your dentist's office immediately. Once you explain your injury someone at the office can provide you guidance on what your next step should be. It may even be possible for the dentist to see you within a few hours.

Some practitioners leave slots available in their schedule for emergencies. If they can’t fit you in, they will at least be able to help you determine if you need to seek emergency dental services and may have guidance on where to go. If it is after regular office hours, the voicemail of your dentist may provide an alternative emergency number for you to call or instructions on what to do in an emergency.

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