What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A cavity is on the exterior surface of the tooth and can be removed and the recession filled. A root canal chapel hill nc is the result of an infection deep within the tooth that the dentist cannot treat. Your dentist has been trained to do everything possible to save a tooth. The root canal procedure does exactly that.

The Initial Causes contributing to a potential Root Canal

If you have an accident and break off a tooth or chip a tooth it makes the interior of the tooth susceptible to disease and infection. Even cracking a tooth can have negative results. The tooth has a hard, exterior surface called the enamel. The next layer is called the dentin. The interior of every tooth has a chamber full of soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp is full of nerves and blood vessels that make the tooth a living part of your body. The nerves help determine hot and cold sensations, the blood vessels deliver nutrients to the tooth. If this pulp becomes infected and inflamed the immediate result is discomfort and eventually pain.

The Root Canal Procedure

When you see your teeth you are only seeing the white enamel crown. The balance of the tooth, or roots, are below the surface of the gum line. The root canal procedure is the procedure to remove all of the pulp in the tooth to get rid of the infection and the pain. The procedure itself begins with your dentist explaining the procedure and the why behind it. Next a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissue. Then a small hole will be opened in the crown to allow access to the pulp chamber. The dentist will perform a pulpectomy which is the methodical removal of all the pulp in the tooth chamber and down the roots. The chamber and roots will be then cleaned, possibly even made ever so larger, and then a rubbery like substance will be put into the vacated space. This material is called gutta-percha. Once the roots and chamber are filled the hole is cemented shut.

The Benefits of having a Root Canal

Even though the tooth is now no longer living it is a fair compromise in fulfilling the objective of keeping your natural teeth. A big benefit that cannot be overlooked is the relief of the intense pain. It may be a consideration depending on the health of your teeth that this tooth may need a crown in the near future to keep it from cracking. A tooth having a root canal does get fragile over time, but you have left a natural tooth and not created a gap. Once a tooth is extracted the neighboring teeth immediately start to shift into that space creating issues with bite patterns and even speech. Over 15 million root canal procedures are done every year. It has also been determined that the success rate is over 90% of those teeth still being retained after five years. It is worth it to have the root canal procedure and retain your natural tooth.

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