How much does teeth whitening cost?

If you have found that your teeth are not as white as they used to be and you are looking to change that, you have a number of ways to brighten your smile. You have the choice between at home or in office treatments and the price varies greatly between the two. Professional in office teeth whitening is more expensive than at home whitening strips, but the savings in money will not save you time and will not offer you the professional supervision and insight as chairside bleaching.

What Makes Professional Whitening Different?

The active ingredient in drug store whitening products is the same at the active ingredient, usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The major differences between the at home version and the professional version are concentration and quality. The professional versions are going to be stronger and the composition will be much purer.

Stronger Bleaching Agents

In order for a whitening kit to be available at drug store, the bleaching agent must be lower concentration for use without professional supervision. In office whitening procedures use a much stronger bleaching gel with high quality ingredients and these are only distributed to trained professionals to use. The stronger the bleach, the more likely you are to experience some temporary sensitivity or possibly mild irritation, but with the professional training and experience of your dentist, you will be monitored and educated.

Faster Results

Additionally, the less concentrated over the counter versions work more slowly. When the bleach gel is professional grade strength, you are more likely to see results faster. Drug store versions are designed to use every day for hours for two week to four weeks. Chairside bleaching is usually completed within an hour and is complete after one visit. Bleach gel that you use at home with the custom made mouth piece is stronger and does not have to stay on your teeth as long for as many days in a row before you start to see results.

Dental Supervision

Unlike the dental supervision and advise you receive when you use one of the whitening kits or treatments available at your dentist’s office, when you use one of the drug store versions, you do not need to undergo a dental exam before you start. The American Dental Association recommends that everyone considering a whitening treatment undergo a dental exam to ensure your mouth is healthy enough for the treatment, no matter the strength of the bleach. What’s more, you and your dentist can discuss which whitening kit or treatment offers you the most value and what kind of results you can expect. No whitening experience will yield the same results for everyone or every tooth every time, and if you have had previous dental work, your whitening treatment may not affect those materials. Some tooth discoloration may even be an indicator that you are having bigger dental issues or even health issues so you may need to address those problems before you attack the more aesthetic issue of tooth color.

Is Professional Whitening Worth It For You?

After you and your dentist have talked about whitening and your dentist has determined you are healthy enough to go forwards, you can discuss the various options you have. You should talk to your dentist about your expectations from the treatment. You and your dentist can decide which treatment will best fit you; if you have limited extra time and are looking for a quick change in your tooth brightness, then professional whitening is the best choice for you. If your teeth are more sensitive to start, then the professional whitening gel with a custom fit mouth piece. There is a good fit no matter your budget or tooth discoloration.

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